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We have been able to rely on Redrock I.T. for sales and service for the past 11 years.  They are always willing to ‘do the deal.’ I feel confident in referring Redrock I.T. to any potential customers.”

Ray Cheshire, Spot Business Systems



Redrock I.T. has allowed us to manage our budget for our I.T. needs. We rely on them as the backbone for our infrastructure. We enjoy the comfort that their professional services are only a phone call away.”

Gary Challburg, Blackhorse Resources

I am a dentist by profession, and we have experienced an explosion in computer technology within the last 10 years. We have added wireless technology, digital X-ray, intra-oral cameras, specialized software, internet and cloud technology, all of which are dependent on computers to interface and run smoothly. Currently, if our computers are down, we are down, and unable to treat our patients.

“Our business has been associated with Redrock I.T. for the past 10 years. They have grown with us and helped maintain and upgrade our computers and technology. They have provided all of our computer equipment, software upgrades, wireless hub, and I.T. needs exclusively during this time.  Adam Nice and his staff at Redrock I.T. have been professional, honest and timely in meeting all of our problems and computer/internet needs.

“I have informed Redrock I.T. that they can have people contact me personally for a reference if they are interested in using them. They really are the best!”

-Randall K. Johnson, D.D.S.


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