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The founders of Redrock I.T. started the company in 2001, specializing in hardware.  In 2005, we expanded our business to include service.  Today, we’re recognized as one of the area’s premier I.T. providers.

Our goal is simple.  We want to help small- and mid-sized businesses with all of their I.T. needs 24/7.  We recognize that when it comes to business, an  I.T. system that isn’t working costs you valuable time and money.  That’s why we always try to respond to any problem as quickly as possible.

Redrock I.T. offers small- and mid-sized businesses the perfect I.T. solution.  Businesses like these typically don’t need a full-time I.T. specialist on the payroll.  Yet, when systems fail and day-to-day business comes to a halt, it’s essential that problems are addressed immediately and professionally.  Redrock I.T. is just a phone call, e-mail or, with our managed services’ software and easy ticketing system, a mouse click away.  Once a client contacts us, our highly experienced and educated staff can diagnose and fix a system’s issues quickly and efficiently.


Adam Nice

President / Founder

Adam Nice is the president and founder of The Redrock I.T, an I.T. firm located in Sandy, Utah.  Adam brings to the company both the technical knowledge and business expertise that benefits you, our client. Adam founded 512k in 2002.  In 2013, 512k just wasn’t enough, and a new name of Redrock I.T. was launched.  Adam has worked in the I.T. and small-business sectors as a managing partner, director of personnel, and sales and service team member. At Redrock I.T., Adam provides businesses with I.T. solutions, I.T. hardware, I.T. software and managed I.T. services that lead to greater profitability and success. In his time away from work, Adam enjoys canyoneering, mountain biking and spending time with his wife, Jody, and four children.


Joe Nice

Business Development Manager / Owner

Joe Nice is the business development manager.  Joe has worked in sales and business development in the I.T. industry since 1997.  He advises businesses, organizations and individuals on how to use technology to solve problems and deliver value. Since 2002, Joe has been responsible for the increased sales and managing the continual growth and success of Redrock I.T.


Joe and his wife, Stephanie, live in Draper with their two children. In his time away from work, you might be able to find him at a golf course.


Ryan Nice

Senior Technician

Ryan Nice is the lead technician of Redrock I.T.  Ryan has worked in the I.T. field since 1993. A firm believer of “no one knows it all,” Ryan has seen plenty in his work career to make sure your business is well taken care of. In his time away from work, Ryan enjoys weightlifting and spending time with his wife, Tina, and two girls.


Blake Bishop

Technician and Web Developer

Blake Bishop started out as a computer technician working specifically for dental offices. As a junior technician for five years, he learned all the skills necessary to handle almost any Mac/PC issue and networking problem that was thrown at him. He enjoys cycling and spending time with his wife, Jaclyn, and two sons. He is currently going to school to receive a degree in web development.

Glenn Pearson


Glenn Pearson has been in the computer industry most of his life. He started at his first computer job testing hardware in 2000 when he was 14 years old and has continued to work in the computer field ever since doing everything from computer technical support and virus removal, to complete network setup, including eight servers and over 200 workstations for a company.  Glenn loves technology and strives to keep up on the latest and greatest. Besides working in the computer industry, Glenn is an award-winning professional photographer.  He loves combining photography with his love for computers and technology. Last year, Glenn was able to compete in the Utah State Fair photography competition and received the first place award in the professional wedding photography category out of over 1,700 entries. Glenn works hard to succeed at everything he does. Glenn and his wife, Andrea, have two beautiful children and the third is coming soon.


Layne Hyde


With a passion for I.T., and a love for dogs, Layne Hyde has been in training for his current position at Redrock I.T. since 2002.  At the beginning of his career, Layne took on the responsibilities of home networks and small business repair for a number of clients.  After a few years of resolving issues for this important niche of clients, Layne moved to supporting large- to enterprise-size businesses, and has been supporting large, cross-platform companies ever since.  Layne’s expertise is within, but not limited to, Windows-based servers and workstations, exchange, active directory, group policy, security, proprietary software, virtual platforms, as well as general problem resolution.


Marc Wilson

Warehouse Manager

Marc Wilson is the most valuable player at Redrock I.T. He has been part of the company since 2002. Marc maintains order in the warehouse and helps manage the technical team at Redrock I.T. Other duties include shipping/receiving, collecting and customer service.  He and his wife, Aubree, have two children and a dog named Cassius. Away from work Marc is a fanatic. Every family has one, and so does ours--a Lakers fan! 







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